JONASUN Visual art & Fire performer

Visual art & Fire performer


NepalTaiwanKobeHungualy at OsorafestivalNepalGermany at vuuv festival with Opening celemony performer crewMorocco Sahara desertHungualy, Freaks show at OsorafestivalNepalDenmark, street performanceIndia GoaMorocco Sahara desertKobe "翡翠の宴" (Hisui no en)

Welcome to JONASUN's web site.

I hope my performances will make everyone happy.
Let me help release you from everyday stress and fatigue.
Please give me the chance to transform your negative energy to positive energy.
I exist to create positive feelings in this life,
and I hope I can spread this energy to everyone around me.

“Making opportunities for all living things to help each other, cherish the planet, and fill the world with happy people”.

This is my life’s goal!